Why are some resorts in California’s Sonoma County still closed?

On Tuesday, the National Park Service announced it was taking steps to protect the health of the park’s millions of visitors.

It also announced that it would be taking further steps to keep the park open for recreational use, including a plan to close all but two of the 13 national parks in the Pacific Northwest, which is about as far north as you can get.

As of this morning, only one of those parks was still closed, the Big Sur National Recreation Area, located in the Santa Clara Valley.

That’s a big difference from earlier this year, when the park system announced it would close more than 50 national parks.

On Wednesday, the Oregonian reported that the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department announced it had closed four more national parks—including the Big Pine Mountain National Park in Northern Oregon.

On Thursday, the Los Angeles Times reported that Yosemite National Park was being closed.

But this week, there are several new details to add to the confusion, including the fact that one of the parks in Oregon, Mount Hood National Park, is still open.

Mount Hood is one of three national parks that can be visited by motorized vehicles, so if you drive into it, the Park Service says you’re in the park.

(The rest of the national parks are all closed to motor vehicles.)

However, the park says it’s not shutting down, as the national park system has done with other closures, including Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Canyon National Park.

What caused this problem?

Earlier this year the park service was asked to review its visitation numbers from last year, and a new review found that visitation has been dropping, especially for the younger generation.

That said, some of the most popular national parks still had numbers that were lower than expected.

Some parks were closed for safety reasons, others because of climate change or pollution.

The national parks were all open for about eight days last year but were closed on Oct. 15 and again on Dec. 4.

It’s unclear what caused the drop in visitation, but some experts say the park systems could be closing national parks to avoid damaging the fragile ecosystems and natural resources they are protecting.

How can I get a refund?

You can get a full refund on your park visit.

The parks can also get your money back by charging a fee.

The park system can refund the full cost of your visit, and you can also take part in a full resale.

That means you could return your car, a bicycle, or even your passport to the parks, but the parks can’t re-sell your tickets.

What about the rest of Oregon?

Oregon has a lot of beautiful national parks, including Mount Hood, Bryce Canyon, and the iconic Sequoia National Park to name a few.

Some of those national parks have reopened since last year.

But the parks system in Oregon is closing some of its older national parks and will soon be closing the most recent one, Big Sur.

That park is the largest in the state and it’s been closed since June 2018.

Some people who have visited Big Sur say it’s closed because it’s polluted.

Others say it was closed due to an outbreak of the coronavirus, and others said it was because of pollution.

If you have any questions about how your park system will reopen, check out the park web site, where you can find out more.

If the parks are closed, what’s next?

You’ll have to keep visiting your favorite national parks for a while, and some will open up for the public in a few weeks.

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