What to know about Fiji’s beaches

A popular tourist destination on the South Pacific island of Fiji has been devastated by the worst tsunami to hit the Pacific since 1932.

The worst waves to hit Fiji in decades have killed more than 4,000 people, and forced more than 1,000,000 to evacuate.

Fiji’s tourism industry is suffering, with tourism and fishing down by more than 60 per cent.

Here are some things to know: WHAT’S HAPPENING?

The first wave hit at 3:30pm local time (7:30am AEDT) on Wednesday.

The first death toll was confirmed at 2:40pm on Thursday, with more than 700 people confirmed dead in the hours following.

Fiji has the worst coastline in the world, with three major fault lines, with the biggest at Tonga, which has been battered by a 6.2-magnitude earthquake.

What was Fiji’s worst tsunami?

In 2016, a 6-meter tsunami struck the Indian Ocean nation of Sri Lanka, killing at least 1,400 people and causing widespread damage.

The magnitude 9.3-morton earthquake also killed at least 800 people, with nearly 10,000 still missing.

This tsunami caused significant damage to homes and infrastructure across Sri Lanka.

On Wednesday, Fiji was hit by a second tsunami, which left about 2,000 dead and damaged hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses.

The island nation’s prime minister, Dato’ Sri Dato Mano, said that he had spoken to President Muhyiddin Yudhoyono and was seeking to establish a meeting point between the government and the island nation, which is in the middle of a major economic boom.


The government has set up a taskforce to deal with the aftermath of the disaster.

Fiji Prime Minister Dato’s Government says it has asked the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) to provide advice and assistance in the event of further disaster, and has asked for assistance from the United Nations and other international organisations.


The tsunami killed more people than any other earthquake in the Pacific.

The disaster killed more dead than the 2010 tsunami, and the world’s worst disaster.

The IMO says its response has been inadequate, with too many ships and people on the scene and too little aid.

What are the consequences?

Floods and mudslides damaged many homes, and a major road collapsed in one of the worst landslides in history.

The death toll from the tsunami has surpassed that of the 2010 earthquake, which killed an estimated 5,000.

A major road collapse in the north-east of the country on Thursday left at least 17 people dead.

What is happening to the Fiji economy?

Fijian businesses have suffered, with many businesses reporting huge losses and the economy in shambles.

The government is trying to recover from the devastation.

The country’s prime minster, Dati Mano Siki, said on Thursday that he wanted to establish an office in Fiji, which he said was the “next step” to the recovery of the economy.

The prime minister has pledged to reopen government services, which have been closed since the disaster, including hospitals and schools.


It’s not clear what the next steps will be.

The next wave is expected to come on Thursday and the tsunami may have triggered a chain reaction that will bring the country to a standstill for days.

The National Disaster Management Agency (NEMA) said it was still assessing the extent of damage to Fiji, and urged people to avoid travelling.

It has also said that people should leave their homes if possible.

What happens now?

The next three weeks are expected to be a nightmare for Fiji.

Fiji’s government is struggling to rebuild and it has been hit by major floods.

The authorities are working to restore electricity and water supplies to the islands.

The main airport is closed and residents are being urged to avoid going out.

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