What happens when you bring a dolphin home?

In the early hours of January 26, 2014, a large and noisy, dolphin-filled sea vessel was waiting to take off from the Indonesian island of Sirata.

It was not a tourist boat or a fishing vessel, but rather a private fishing vessel.

A small boat was also waiting, carrying about 20 dolphins.

The dolphins were not the only visitors aboard, but the dolphins were the only ones who could see the fishermen.

They were the guests of the fishermen, who were all members of the local fishing community.

The fishermen, like the locals, had an abundance of fishing gear, and it seemed that the fishermen were making money off the dolphins.

It all started when the boat’s captain decided to have the dolphins’ heads removed, and he set out to kill them for the meat.

The fishmen were furious, and they took out a fishing license to stop the man.

The fishing boat, however, was not afraid to fight back, and the fishermen attacked the boat and killed the captain.

The incident left the captain and his crew in bad shape, with serious injuries, and two of the crew members later died.

The crew was then held responsible for the deaths of the other fishermen, and after a long legal process the fishing license was revoked.

The two men who were killed were not convicted of any crime, but their actions left the fishermen in a bad state of mind.

They still believed they were doing the right thing.

After that, the fishermen became convinced that the dolphins should be returned to the area where they were born, and started to collect dolphins.

They began to collect the dolphins in a large area, and then they began to remove the heads from the dolphins, as well as their fins, for the market.

They then began to sell them as fish.

A few months later, a small boat came to the island of Sulawesi, and its owner, an older man named Luka, decided to take them out to the sea.

Luka did not want to kill the dolphins as they were not harming any humans, but he wanted to collect them for sale to the local fishermen, so he invited the fishermen to the beach.

They agreed to come, and began to swim out into the sea, while Luka waited for the dolphins to return.

The older man then told the fishermen that they should go on to the mainland to sell their dolphins to local fishermen.

The younger fishermen were not convinced by Luka’s offer, and decided to go on a fishing trip instead.

The young fishermen, however have no idea what happened next.

The youngest fishermen in the group were left to fend for themselves.

They spent most of their time in the sea and didn’t see a single dolphin for almost a month.

After a long time, the group began to notice some dolphins swimming towards the beach, and noticed that they were swimming in a different direction from the others.

They decided to swim towards the shore, and saw the dolphins again.

The old man said that they had to take the dolphin to the shore because they were sick, and when the fishermen saw that the young fishermen had already gone, they thought they were dead.

They did not think that the dolphin was really sick, but they were scared and decided not to take it back to the place where it was born.

When the fishermen went back to their boat, they found that the old man had left a dolphin, and that they did not know where it came from.

The next morning, the young fisherman decided to leave the dolphin in the ocean and collect it in order to sell it for meat.

They left the dolphin behind, and went to the town where they had found it.

When they arrived, they saw that there was no one around to take care of it, so they began searching the streets to find the dolphin.

A local fisherman, who was also an old man, came and helped the young and the young men to find it.

They found it and picked it up, and took it to the man who had killed the fishermen the day before.

The fisherman was also angry with the young man for taking the dolphin, but wanted to give it back.

He then told them that he was going to sell the dolphin for meat, and offered them $500 for it.

He told them he was from a fishing community and had been living with the dolphin since he was 10 years old, and now he was ready to sell him.

The man then took the dolphin and put it into the freezer.

Then he told the young people to collect their children from school and go back to where they came from to have dinner.

After they had left, the fisherman told them to tell their children that the baby dolphin had been born.

The family members said that it was just a dream and that it never happened, and later that night, they started hearing strange noises and saw dolphins.

Soon, the father of the child started hearing voices and was convinced that it must be the voice of the dolphin’s mother.

The parents then began talking to

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