What does the Vegas Golden Knights expansion team look like?

Posted November 01, 2018 07:59:49In the past year, the Vegas franchise has seen the arrival of a number of players and a number in the community that has grown up around the franchise.

In particular, former Golden Knights player and current Las Vegas Golden Kings captain, Brad Marchand, is a fan favorite and has become a regular on social media.

However, the Golden Knights are also facing a new set of challenges that could spell the end of the franchise as we know it.

The team is also facing significant financial challenges that have left the team in a tough position.

In 2017, the team was sold to a group led by Las Vegas native Bob Murray and his wife, Julie.

The sale to Murray and Julie’s brother, Mike, left the Golden Knight franchise with $2.7 million in debt, including $900,000 owed to MGM Resorts International.

The deal was reportedly a big hit with the fans, but it was also a major financial burden for the team.

The club has been struggling financially and has been losing money, so the potential sale of the team has been a major factor in the financial difficulties of the organization.

With this in mind, I asked the NHLPA’s Chief Operating Officer, David Poile, about the status of the Golden Kings expansion team.

“We have no announcements regarding our expansion plans,” Poile told NHL.com.

“We’ve had conversations with [Murray] and his family.

We’re very pleased that Julie and Mike have decided to remain in Las Vegas.

We have had many conversations with the NHL about what it means to be in the NHL, but we haven’t had any announcements.”

The expansion franchise will be based in the Las Vegas suburb of Mesquite.

Poile indicated that there was no timeline on when this team would be moving to the Las Vegas market, but the NHL had not ruled out expansion to Las Vegas as an option in the future.

The Golden Knights will also be a member of the NHL’s new CBA, which will be announced at the league’s annual board meeting in March.

It remains to be seen if Murray and Murray’s brother will stay with the team after this sale.

The NHL has made it clear that it wants to keep the Golden Stars in Las Vegas.

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