‘We’ve been waiting a long time’: What’s next for Lake Winnipeg?

In its third year, the lake is a huge draw for visitors, but it’s the lake itself that is now in crisis.

A massive spill has taken place near the shore of Lake Winnipeg and the water levels have been dropping.

The lake’s capacity to hold water has also been compromised.

And a new development project is bringing more people to the lake.

The new project, called Crystal Mountain Resort, is just north of the shoreline, where the lake meets the Great Lakes.

The resort is one of the biggest developments in the lake area, and it’s expected to create thousands of jobs.

But residents are worried about what’s next.

“We’ve known this was coming for years, but we were hoping that this wouldn’t happen at all,” said Kristin Wiebe.

“It’s not that the water would just just evaporate off the lake and there’d be no water to drink.

It’s more than just that.

It’s a concern shared by the City of Winnipeg. “

I mean, we would be out of water, we’d be homeless and we’d all be on the streets.”

It’s a concern shared by the City of Winnipeg.

“Crystal Mountain Resort is not the answer for this lake.

It doesn’t make sense,” said Mayor Rana Bokhari.

“There are things happening in the water right now that are very, very significant.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.”

It all started in July 2016, when a tanker truck caught fire.

About 80 people were evacuated from the area.

Many were left homeless.

Then, in October, the company behind the Lake Winnipeg Dam project announced it was pulling out.

The dam project was supposed to help bring water to the area, but residents say the spill and the other problems have made it clear there’s not enough water to meet demand.

“Lake Winnipeg is in a dire state,” said Wiebes mother, Julie.

“The lake is at its lowest level in a hundred years.”

She said Crystal Mountain isn’t the only company planning to leave the area and that others will soon follow.

“People have been waiting for Crystal Mountain, they’ve been wanting to see it since the lake was created,” she said.

“So we’ve just kind of had to put a hold on our expectations because it hasn’t happened yet.”

Crystal Mountain has already left the area to avoid the threat of further damage.

But it’s still the most active project on the lake, with more than 40 businesses on site.

The company says it has been meeting with the city to resolve any problems, but city spokesperson Rob Hutton says the issues aren’t solved.

“At this point we’re working with the provincial and federal governments and we’re still working on some of those issues,” he said.

A new developer, who has plans to build a $1.2-billion resort, is also working to clear out the water on the island of Manitoulin Island, north of Lake Manitoba.

The island’s current capacity is just over 7.3 million cubic metres of water.

Officials expect the island will be able to hold 8 million cubic meters of water before it’s empty.

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