The most important things to know about Margaritaven resort

A resort with a pool and an open-air bar.

A resort with the world’s largest swimming pool.

A resort built with the help of a team of architects.

A stunning spa with a view of Orlando’s skyline.

It’s a combination of all of those things that makes Margaritsa beach resort such a unique destination.

Located in Margaritiza Beach, Margaritis beach is known for its tropical and outdoor atmosphere, and is one of the only resorts in the state to offer both.

“Margaritava is an island in the middle of a lagoon, so the beach is really a beach that goes in the ocean,” said Marisa Raimondi, Margarditavil’s manager.

“There’s a pool, there’s a sauna, there are all these things.

It’s very romantic.”

Raimondid says Margaritesa is a destination for the whole family.

“If you’re a family that wants to have a family, this is one place you can go,” she said.

“There’s always something different going on, and we have a great pool, and you can swim here.”

The resort has been popular for generations, but Raimondo says it has become a bit of a draw for the younger crowd.

“We’re getting more families now coming here, especially when we’re getting a little older, as they come in and get their own families, and they want to have their own little pool,” Raimonda said.

“And it’s really fun to go, and it’s always cool.”

The pool is one thing, but Margarizas staff are equally passionate about the pool.

“I love the pool, I love the sauna.

I love everything about the beach, I can’t even describe how I feel when I walk through there,” said beach resident and Margarite Beach resident, Kristi Raimondeaux.”

The pools are like, I don’t even know, they are really great,” Riamondeaux said.

Raimondo has a few tips for the beachgoers in the area.

“Always go slow, don’t be rushed.

And I really love the beach.

I like going in there and the waves are amazing.

If you don’t have your feet in the water, you can still swim and you will be swimming,” Rammondeaux added.

For more information about Margaris Beach Resort and Margaris Spa, call 407-471-0277.

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