Tahoe resort to get ‘sugar baby’ spa

Lake Tahoe Resort in California will become the latest resort in the US to introduce a ‘sugary baby’ area, a la Disney’s Hollywood Studios, as part of a new initiative to bring guests closer to nature.

The resort will be the latest in a string of resorts to add a ‘baby’ area in recent years, which includes Universal Studios in Orlando, Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Florida and Walt Disney World in Florida.

The sugar baby area, which will be located inside the resort, will offer visitors access to a spa and spa treatment area and will also feature a large water fountain and playground area, according to a statement by the resort.

The spa is expected to cost between $35 and $40 per night and is set to open later this year.

According to the statement, the resort will also include a children’s area that will include a play area, playground and a playground mat and that will be accessible to both toddlers and preschoolers.

According the statement: ‘We are excited to be bringing these innovative wellness programs to the Lake Tahoes in California, the largest resort in California.

It’s a perfect opportunity to create a magical environment and bring guests more into nature,’ said Laura Kepel, CEO of Lake Taho Resort.

‘The experience will be a natural one that will bring a whole new perspective to guests who are not accustomed to visiting the resort.’

The resorts new resort will join Disney’s parks in Orlando and Animal Kingdom, which both offer a ‘sweet spot’ for babies.

Disney’s theme park also has a new Baby Village, where guests can sit on a baby blanket and play with a variety of toys and games.

The new baby area will be one of the first new areas added to the park since opening in January, 2018.

The addition of the ‘soda baby’ section, as well as a separate spa area, comes as a result of ‘the world-class care we provide our guests,’ according to Lake Tahoa Resort.

The ‘baby area’ will be open from January 19 to March 7, 2019.

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