Recode’s Jessica Livingston reports on a trip to Lake Tahoe, with a new resort for travelers and a new family to join.

The resort at Lake Tahoes is a new name, but that hasn’t stopped some visitors from clamoring to go.

In fact, visitors to the resort in Lake Tahoa, Calif., have been making the same request in recent weeks.

A new resort named “Jade Mountain Resort” has opened at the resort, and a family from New Zealand is planning to stay there.

It’s not the first time visitors have been coming here, either.

In 2013, the resort at Jamboree opened in the same location.

“It’s a family of six who have lived here for many years,” said one family member who goes by the name of Kate, adding that the family has already been visiting it three times in the past year.

Kate and her family are staying in the hotel at the Lake Taho Resort.

It will be their fourth time at the hotel.

The family was staying at a resort near the Tahoe city limits in the area where Jade Mountain Resort is located.

The hotel was recently re-opened by the resort and it has been open since July.

Kate said that she is looking forward to visiting the new resort in a couple of weeks.

“We’re all really excited to be coming to the new Jade Mountain,” she said.

It’s unclear when Jade Mountain will open, but Kate said it should be open in the summer.

The resort is located at the mouth of the Lake Oahe River in the Taho National Forest, which is about 20 miles from Tahoe City.

There are about 30 hotels and motels in the lake, including a resort and a hotel and motel.

The hotel is open from June 1 to Labor Day, but if you’re looking for something a little more exclusive, you can stay at the Holiday Inn in Tahoe or the Taholite Inn in the Lake Huron Valley.

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