Queensland’s largest ocean casino resorts could open within three years

Queensland’s ocean resorts could be open in three years, a new report has found.

The Queensland Government is considering opening seven of the seven resorts in the state’s north and the south-east within a year, according to a new feasibility study commissioned by the Queensland Government.

Key points:The new feasibility report says the first resort could open in 2018Queensland’s largest oceanside casino could open by 2019The Government is reviewing its $1.3 billion budget and is looking to spend $4 billion more on water and tourism over the next five yearsQueenslanders have been clamouring for a casino in the south of the state, as it’s become one of the most expensive in the world.

The Government has been keen to expand its tourism and water industries to cope with the rapid growth of tourism in the region.

However, it is struggling to make the case that a casino will boost Queensland’s economy.

“The state is not facing a global economic crisis, but the global downturn has left Queensland’s population in a deep economic hole,” the report says.

“Queenslands is the third-most-populous state in Australia, but is in a dire financial situation due to the global recession.”

The report says there is no doubt that casinos will increase tourism and increase economic activity, but it is unclear how quickly they will be able to do so.

It also says the Government needs to prioritise tourism, but only when it can guarantee it will attract the best talent.

The report states that the Queensland Water Tourism Authority will be responsible for funding a casino, and the Government is looking at how it can find ways to make it more attractive.

The plan to build a casino is the most ambitious ever proposed for the Queensland region, the report states.

It recommends that the Government spend $1 billion on water tourism, with another $1 million for water infrastructure upgrades, $1,000 per year for water and coastal infrastructure and $250 per year on public infrastructure.

“With this funding the Government will have the capability to attract, manage and operate water, coastal and coastal transport, ports, power stations and infrastructure, and infrastructure to ensure the safety of Queenslanders and visitors to the region,” the document states.

The $1bn for water tourism is expected to create jobs for more than 600,000 Queenslanders, the study states.

However it does not suggest that the proposed casino would be a “big money” win for the Government.

The study says the State Government needs “a balanced approach” to water and water infrastructure, including the construction of a tidal estuary, which would help ease the pressure on the river.

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