How much will the Polynesian Holiday break cost?

The Polynesians have been in Australia for many years, but the islanders are now going on holiday, to New Zealand.

The Polynesia Holiday has been in the works for a while, with talks between the government and tourism operators.

The cost is currently set at $25 million.

The Tourism Industry Minister, John Faulkner, has said the Government will be seeking more than $30 million for the island.

He said the trip was a great opportunity to get to know the people and experience the Polynesia lifestyle.

The Holiday was created by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) in 2011 to provide a great experience for the tourists and residents of New Zealand, while providing the Government with the opportunity to learn about the Polyneesan culture.

The trip is scheduled for a December 21-23 trip.

Mr Faulkners spokesperson said it was important for the Government to make sure it understood the Polynese culture.

He noted the islander community had a unique culture and way of life, and there were also special cultural rituals.

He also noted that tourism operators had been working with the Government and the Poly Islander Tourism Authority (PITTA) to ensure the Holiday had the highest possible standards.

Mr Mariner said it would be a privilege to spend time with the Poly and New Zealanders of Polynesia.

“I’m sure the Poly people will enjoy spending some time with us, especially in our beautiful Polynesia, which is really the best place on earth,” he said.

“It will be wonderful to see how the Poly communities view the trip.”

The Government and Tourism Operator have also made arrangements to host the holiday at their venues, including at the Royal Polynesan Hospital and the National Library of New South Wales.

The Government said the Tourism Operator would host the Holiday at a new Polynesiaston in Western Australia.

The tour operator said it had a very strong record of delivering successful holiday tourism to New South Welsh.

The New South West and the Southern Cross regions are two areas of New England where the Poly is located.

The Tour Operator is also looking to expand into the Northern Territory, where Polynesiens live in remote communities and are an integral part of the communities.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade said the government was keen to continue supporting the Poly-New Zealand tourism industry, and was committed to ensuring that the Poly was able to maintain its tourism profile.

It said the Polynic Holiday was a major economic driver for the Australian economy, with around 2,000 Polynesiacs living and working in Australia.

It also supported the Government’s vision to expand Polynesistan, with an emphasis on the tourism industry.

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