“Fascinating” and “truly fascinating” study finds that the Great Lakes are in a permanent state of flux

A fascinating and fascinating study published this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that the water level of the Great Lake has dropped in the last 10 years.

“We’ve lost almost half of the lake,” lead author David Rieder told National Review Online.

“That is extraordinary.”

The researchers, who are using a new technique to determine the lake’s water level from radar data, compared the last few decades to what the lake used to be like in 1879.

The lake was about a mile below sea level in 1878, about one foot above sea level today.

“What we’ve found is that the lake has been declining over the last 100 years,” Rieders co-author James Anderson said.

“The amount of water being added to the lake is very dramatic.

We’re losing an area of about 1.5 miles of water every year.

And we’re losing about 20 miles every decade.”

The team used radar data to measure the lake.

They found that about 90 percent of the surface of the water had dropped over the past 100 years, and the lake was now less than one mile deep.

That’s an area about the size of Manhattan.

The researchers also found that Lake Erie, which forms the main waterway between the Great Basin and the Great Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico, is getting more and more salty.

This year, the lake in Erie has been at about one-third of its normal level, and it’s at a rate of about two feet per year.

That could be because of the buildup of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere that are driving global warming.

The scientists also found changes in how water moves in and out of Lake Erie.

The water that is flowing out of the lakes in the Great River Valley in New York City has been getting much more salty, and that water has been moving up and down, rather than going straight up and going down.

That water, the researchers say, is going into Lake Erie and then going into the Great Sand Dunes, the area of the Lake Erie basin that is surrounded by the Sand Belt, and then it’s going into other bodies of water.

Lake Erie is also losing its ability to hold a lot of rainwater.

The amount of rain that falls in a year is going to be different for different parts of the basin, and so the lake could lose water faster, Rieds co-authors said.

That will lead to more runoff and more pollution, which could have a big impact on the Great lakes.

And that is, as the authors write, “extremely concerning.”

The paper is one of the first studies to examine the changing dynamics of the environment of the two largest lakes in North America, Lake Erie in New Jersey and Lake Superior in Michigan.

Ried is a professor of ecology and environmental studies at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and a professor emeritus of oceanography at the State University of New York at Binghamton.

He has published research in a variety of fields.

The study is the latest in a series of papers that have looked at the Great Plains and Great Lakes.

The Great Lakes have been changing so quickly that they have been called “sea level shock,” according to the National Park Service.

The National Science Foundation funded the study, which is the largest study of the area.

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