Canadian ski resort ‘slams’ back at least three days of skiing due to ice storm

More than two days after a snowstorm caused major flooding in the resort town of Killington, B.C., resort owners are finally getting back on the slopes.

A massive storm that swept through the resort’s resort town early Wednesday morning destroyed hundreds of homes and damaged hundreds of other properties, including dozens of buildings, including the Crystal Mountain resort.

Roughly 100,000 people are still without power and hundreds of people remain without water in some areas, according to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

The town of 5,000 has also been placed under mandatory evacuation orders due to the risk of further flooding.

In the meantime, the resort has issued a voluntary “temporary closure” order that will only last two days, as it repairs to its original plans.

“It was a very big storm.

And it’s really good to see that we’re back in business and that we are moving forward,” Killington Mayor Steve Fergusson said in a video posted on the town’s Facebook page.

“I’m very optimistic.”

While the town has been in the red for days, Ferguson said he expects to be back in the black by the end of the week.

“We’re moving on, and we’re going to be in a very safe and stable environment,” he said.

The city will be shut down to the public on Friday for two weeks, with the town expected to reopen by the time of the summer solstice, the official said.

It is the third major snowstorm to hit B.L.C. since last week.

On Sunday, the town was hit with three separate thunderstorms, leaving dozens of people dead, and forcing thousands to flee their homes.

The storm forced a massive evacuation and closed nearly two dozen ski resorts.

The resort that was destroyed was hit by the most severe weather.

It was the worst snowstorm in B.A. history, according the city’s official, and has left a trail of destruction that has been traced back to the storm.

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